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Client satisfaction as a service

Mindaria is a boutique digital agency offering web design & full stack development services that achieve stellar results via a process focused approach.

Unlike our competitors, we concentrate on your business needs and are not satisfied by simply prescribing a technical solution to your problems.

This dedication, along with our wide and in depth expertise, is what allows us to consistently offer creative solutions that achieve your goals on time & in budget.

Standing on the shoulders of [Open Source] giants

The open source movement has changed the IT industry forever.

Millions of people every day collaborate and share solutions to countless problems, effectively establishing open source software as the Internet’s backbone.

We leverage all of this work by following the latest advancements in open source technology and introducing them into our bespoke solutions to produce reliable, sustainable and secure results.

And we express our gratitude to the community by contributing back to the projects that we love!

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One of our core beliefs is that you should be free to make your own choices, without any artificial constraints affecting your decisions. This is why our process is structured in such a way to ensure that you are in control in every stage and strive to provide you with results that can be leveraged immediately, without forcing you to continue the collaboration if you are not satisfied 100%.

Trust is a two way street and our experience has taught us that the only way to sustain partnerships long term is by both parties having the freedom of choice, with no strings attached.

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The team

Spyros Kalaitzis

Spyros Kalaitzis

  • Backend development
  • Devops & Release management
  • System administration

If there was only one thing that I could choose as a hobby, that would be learning about things. And even though subjects such as “Why Procrastinators Procrastinate” to “How to survive in a Latin American Prison” (hope I won’t have to use this one, ever) have kept me entertained, the one that I constantly find myself reading about is IT.

This obsession started back in 1988 with a machine that couldn’t hold all the data in this page (a CPC6128) and continues to this day, never losing its appeal.

Has been doing this since: 2008

Gets excited about: Automated deployment systems with test coverage

Hates with a passion: Monolithic, spaghetti-code functions riddled with TODO comments

Superhero power: Disturbing humour

Nicola Christou

Nicola Christou

  • Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Software Engineering

A wise man (Confucius) once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Even though that's not true 100%, I find that being passionate about your work is the greatest motivator. And although there are certainly some aspects of front-end work that can be annoying (IE8 anyone?), for me the drive to improve is always there.

I was lucky enough to discover early my passion for programming, but design was the missing puzzle piece that brought everything together.

Has been doing this since: 2010

Gets excited about: Ways to improve UX without impairing aesthetics

Hates with a passion: TYPO3, Java, Photoshop crashes, In-line styling

Superhero power: Tolerating disturbing humour